DIY Probiotics Recipe ebook
DIY Probiotics Recipe ebook
DIY Probiotics Recipe ebook
DIY Probiotics Recipe ebook
DIY Probiotics Recipe ebook

DIY Probiotics Recipe ebook

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Oh my gosh you are going to love this ebook! Last year I got heavily into fermented food and beverages and so did Ariella (my preschooler). Together we created over 25 recipes that we both absolutely love. And this is not some easy feat because traditionally fermented foods are sour and it is hard to get kids to eat them. But we did it! Our DIY Probiotics recipe book will teach you how to make water kefir recipes (like soda pop/ fizzy drink but healthy), milk kefir recipes (jam packed with probiotics and able to be dairy free), fermented vegetable recipes (great for sides) and dips and condiments (this is how you can start to introduce probiotics with every meal). If you don't know what probiotics are you are in for a real treat! There is some fantastic research coming out on the benefits of probiotics and this is something I am so so passionate about. When it comes to setting up Ariella's healthy life habits, this is probably first on my list. 



Great product POSTED BY ANNE
I bought this recently and find it a great product. I love the large opening that helps with filling all different textures from puree to rough mash. Our baby loves to self-feed and this cuts down on the mess when she feeds with a spoon or hands. Surprisingly easy to clean too.


Easy and wholesome food! POSTED BY SARAH
I hate the idea of buying the sugar filled snacks in pouches. I love being able to put my own yoghurts, purees and custards into the Little Mashies. My little one asks for them all the time now; her faces lights up when she sees the little green man.  Super easy to use and clean. I love them and tell all my friends to buy some. Great value for money.


Best purchase I have made  POSTED BY CHARMAINE
I brought these for my very very very fussy eater he only eats 4 different foods one is yoghurt in a squeeze and only one brand I thought these might work one because they are the same colour as that brand and two he can't see what's inside. No arguments so they are a hit in my house. 


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