Peach Baby Puree

Peach Baby Puree Recipe

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Peach Baby Puree - Little Mashies Reusable Pouches


16 oz fresh peaches, diced and seeded or a 15 oz can, drained


Little Mashies reusable food pouches for babyfood


Step 1: Cut peaches into small pieces.

Step 2: Steam the diced peaches in a stovetop steamer or a Beaba Baby Cook system.

Step 3: Puree the peaches in a food processor or blender and serve alone at first. Once your baby has shown to have no allergic reaction peach is a fantastic fruit to combine with other ingredients.





Little Mashies reusable food pouches for babyfood

Little Mashies reusable food pouches reviews

They Are Cool
I have tried a few of the food pouches on the market & Little Mashies are the winner by far! The funky design is what I love the most, well the kids love! I even have the 6 & 9 year old's taking them to school because they are cool!!


Best Snack On The Go
I brought little mashies to help out for snacks on the go. Living in rural NT & having two young children ages 18 months & 4.5 years, I needed something. This way I know what they are eating is healthy & easy to use. I also pack them in the preschool lunchbox. We love them.


Fantastic For School Lunches and Baby
Fantastic product. They are great for my children lunch boxes and as well as for snacks for my baby. I will definitely be purchasing more of these. Also very easy to clean!



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Why is peach a great baby food choice?

Your baby will love peaches, for they are very tasty, sweet and juicy. They are rich in beta carotene, antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber. Thanks to their fiber content, they are great in relieving constipation problems. Beware though.. If you give your little ones too much you might be changing extra nappies the next day! If you can get a large batch of ripe peaches you should puree them straight away and freeze the puree in ice cube trays. Then whenever you need to make up a Little Mashies puree you can just pop an ice cube in through the ziplock at the bottom of the Mashies food pouch. Peach is great to add to chicken and vegetable puree. When I make babyfood I tend to do the ice cube trick and then put the ice cubes into freezer bags in the fridge (one for protein, one for vegetables and one for fruits). Then every baby meal I just pull out an ice cube from each category and make my own combinations as I go. If you are feeding while out and about you can just pop the frozen cubes inside the Mashies containers, if you need to defrost them later on you can run the food pouch under the warm water tap whereever you are. At home you can simply defrost and serve the puree in a bowl.


For Older Kids

For older kids you could try making this in an oven safe dish with a crumble on top... omg delicious! This porridge is also fine to serve and freeze inside Little Mashies squeeze containers.


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