Getting kids to eat more salad

Little Mashies Getting kids to eat more salad


Tonight I gave Ariella (5) a HUGE serving of salad and veges and to my great astonishment she ate it! 6 months ago she would not touch salad even if I bribed her and tonight she almost finished it all.

Little Mashies Getting kids to eat more salad Little Mashies Getting kids to eat more salad

Here is our tips!

We started having "restaurant" dinners. Nope.. not going out to a restaurant and not getting take out. I put a fancy bowl in the middle of the table filled with salad, light a candle, put the "main" food in dishes on the table - not on our plates, I taught her how to set the table "pretty" for our dinner party (she now does this every night) and put water, napkins etc for us both. So dinner is now a special occasion. We serve it onto our plates from the "serving platters". Yes its a load more time washing up - sorry..

Anyway.. The first time I put the salad bowl in front of her I served a bunch onto her plate and mine (explaining that we always serve our guests first and she is the guest) she didn't eat anything, the next week or so she picked out a few bits she liked and told me how she hated all the other things. Eventually I found a salad combo that worked and she just started eating it. Oil, salt and pepper helped too. Haven't done dressing yet.. started giving her just a tiny amount in the beginning.. then once she ate that amount (probably it took maybe 2-3wks of consistently serving it up) I've just kept increasing it and increasing it and now I'm adding veges like this too. Tonight’s meal was actually butter chicken with cauliflower and broccoli "rice" instead of actual rice and she didn't even say a word! Gobbled it all up hehehehe

I started having the salad on the table ready for us to eat 10-15minutes before the actual dinner was ready. So I said.. "This is first course and then after this we have the main"... or ..."if you are really hungry we can eat this now and the rest of dinner later"... or ...."oh I'm sorry darling its just not ready yet.. but the salad is, we can start with that"... hehehehe yes I told my daughter some white lies and also have been prolonging cooking the main intentionally BUT IT'S WORKING!!!!! YIIIIIPPPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!

The next thing I am going to introduce is a tiny cute bowl each (or tea cup maybe) of bone broth (for gut healing) and I'm going to say that really fancy restaurants always start with soup first. Bone broth has so many nutrients and amino acids I can't wait to see how it helps us by adding it into our routine!

You can read about the positive effects of increasing salad (and bone broth for that matter) in our Tummy Buggies children’s book.

I would absolutely LOVE to hear your stories if you try this! Please head over to the fb post and comment how it goes. I was so impressed with her effort tonight. 6 months ago this would never have happened! Wahhhhoooooo!!! Lots of love and good luck xox Talisha

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