Feeding toddlers can be tricky! Often they change their minds daily with what they like and what they don't like. Little Mashies reusable food pouches make life a little easier by being able to be used when toddlers are tired or fussing. We often find because of the cute monster faces on our food pouches, toddlers love to eat out of Little Mashies (we have been told even when it's a food they previously rejected that was served on a plate). Little Mashies refillable food pouches can be used with the baby food purees from our recipe book (available here) simply add another texture such as rice, small pasta pieces or quinoa.

We also have an older kids healthy snack recipe book available here.

Our food pouches are also often used to provide a healthier yoghurt for toddlers. Often the supermarket yoghurts have a really high sugar content and this can turn a traditionally healthy food into a junk food. Yoghurt is so great for growing tummies, but it really needs to be a plain yoghurt, without sugar and filled with probiotics. We have a recipe in our ebook that comes free with Little Mashies, and to be honest, making yoghurt for your food pouches is really easy! Another great healthy snack idea for toddlers and older kids is smoothies (particularly ones packed with green veges). You can download some smoothie recipes here for toddlers and older kids and our instagram account @littlemashies is filled with healthy lunch box ideas! If you haven't seen our account click here.


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