Fish Pesto & Quinoa

Fish Pesto & Quinoa Recipe

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Fish Pesto Quinoa - Little Mashies Reusable Pouches


8 oz white fish, poached, with bones and skin removed
4 oz cooked quinoa
3 tablespoons pesto
4 oz peas, fresh or frozen


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Step 1: Prepare quinoa according to instructions on pack.

Step 2: Steam peas for 5 minutes.

Step 3: Combine quinoa and peas and stir through the pesto.

Step 4: Cut the cooked fish into bite size pieces checking all bones have been removed. Place fish pieces on top of the pesto mix for a toddler, and for a younger baby simply puree all ingredients together in a food processor.

TIP: If preparing baby food in bulk freeze the puree into ice-cube trays or straight into Little Mashies reusable food pouches.




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I Love These Pouches
I love these pouches, so easy to fill and wash. The fun artwork on them really appeal to children. Great for my 8 month old and my 5 year old in his pack lunches. I definitely reccommend these.


Squiggy Packs
I absolutely love these. I steam all my food for my little one and its hard to find a good container that doesn't leak when I'm on the go with him. This product is amazing. Easy to fill and wash.


My kids love these! Love putting homemade yoghurt and smoothies in them. Best of all kids can't see what colour the smoothies are! For THAT mum who likes to hide greens and veg in everything! Lol!



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Why is quinoa a great baby food choice?

Quinoa is a great addition to baby food and is often refered to as a superfood. It is a source of protein and can be used instead of rice in many dishes. Quinoa is rich in fiber, calcium and folate and has a lot of benefit to the growth and health of your little one, please remember though to soak quinoa over night in water before cooking.What's was your favourite food as a child?


For Older Kids

For older kids you could try making this in an oven safe dish with a crumble on top... omg delicious! This porridge is also fine to serve and freeze inside Little Mashies squeeze containers.


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