Basic Probiotic Cream Cheese


Take me to the store… I want to see the recipe book

Basic Probiotic Cream Cheese


1 x fermenting jar or bottle
Cheesecloth or nut milk bag
Large bowl
Plastic spoon
1 x small jar to store cream cheese


16 oz organic milk
1 Tbsp milk kefir grains


Step 1: Add milk and kefir grains to a fermenting jar or bottle and either cover with cheesecloth and a band or loosely close the cap.

Step 2: Place the fermenting jar out of direct sunlight at room temperature for about 48-72 hours or until the mix has started to separate. The curds will float to the top (along with the grains) and the whey liquid will sink to the bottom of the jar. The curd is what we use for the cream cheese.

Step 3: If you have quite a large kefir grain you may use a spoon to remove it from the milk kefir. Alternatively you will need to use a strainer to get the grains out.

Step 4: Line a strainer with cheesecloth (doubled over) and strain the milk kefir cream cheese so that all the liquid whey ends up in a bowl below the strainer.

Step 5: Gather the cheesecloth together in the corners and twist the ends so that the cream cheese is forced into a ball shape. Leave this in the fridge overnight so further liquid drains out.

Step 6: The following day remove the cream cheese from the cheesecloth, stir it together well and pop it in a jar to store in the fridge until you are ready to use it. You can flavour the basic kefir cream cheese with sweet or savoury foods and can use different types of milk to make different types of cream cheeses.

Remember: When you place your milk kefir into non dairy milk, return them to dairy milk at least every second ferment so the grains can feed on the lactose in the dairy milk. Non-dairy milk ideas to try include all nut and seed milks, coconut milk and cream as well as soymilk.

Basic Probiotic Cream Cheese

Take me to the store… I want to see the recipe book


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